IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

IATI data will cover 100% of IBRD and IDA development flows. It will not cover non-IBRD/IDA flows (Donor funded, recipient executed tasks financed by grants administered by the World Bank).

Timeliness of Data

See Frequency below.

Frequency of publication

Not specified

Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Data will be made available initially on a semi-annual basis and will cover quarterly information for the previous six month period. We intend to work towards the automation of our internal processes in order to increase the frequency. Once the process is automated, data can be made available every quarter.

Units of Aid

An activity is defined by a “project” or “operation” in the case of policy based loans. Each project may have multiple components in multiple sectors or themes. The Bank will publish information at the project level.

Segmentation of Published Data

We will provide a comprehensive list of all IBRD/IDA projects (identifying multi-country/regional ones) which is not segmented by country. The list will contain relevant country information – if anyone is interested in extracting country level information, they would be able to do so.

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

The overarching policy that will guide reporting according to IATI standards will be the Bank’s Access to Information Policy, which assumes all information is disclosed unless it falls under a restricted list. Please refer to the World Bank Access to Information Policy (a public document for further details.


All IBRD and IDA data flows will be made available at the project level. It will be classified at the sub-project level according to the World Bank’s sector and theme classification structure. There are no thresholds under consideration.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Data published in the IATI registry will be verified data only. Data will be published at the project level aggregated by quarter.

User Interface

This is not envisioned at this time. All World Bank Projects can be accessed at

User Interface Website