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Murad Hirji




IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

IATI data covers 100% of the Global Fund’s total development flows. The Global Fund does not have subsidiary agencies or organisations.

Timeliness of Data

Global Fund data will be published dynamically within two weeks of each disbursement. Global Fund data updates will be automated and made available in real time.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

The initial set of data will be provided in October 2011, provided that the auto-update feature of the IATI Registry is completed and ready to receive Global Fund data releases. Full implementation of IATI standards is planned for January 2012.

Units of Aid

Activities within the Global Fund are defined as projects – or in our terminology as ‘grants’ – and details will be published at this level. It is important to note, however, that the Global Fund is currently undergoing a revision of its grant architecture. A core feature of the new Global Fund grant architecture is the “single stream of funding per Principal Recipient per disease.” Whereas under the current system, each newly approved proposal results in a separate grant agreement with its own budget, performance framework, etc. under the new Architecture, the Global Fund will maintain one funding agreement for each Principal Recipient per disease, which will then be amended when a new proposal for funding the same disease is approved. This Architecture change will not affect the level of data publication, but will mean a fewer number of data points. (For more information, please see The Global Fund does not have multi-tiered project structures.

Segmentation of Published Data

There are 20 multi-country grants out of 923 grants. The multi-country grants are excluded from the portfolio of that single country and published as is (as a multi-country grant such as “Lutheran Federation”.) For Global Fund, multi-country composition is considered a Global Fund “country”. In the Global Fund IATI data, there will be one feed for each multi-country grant, one feed per country, and one feed for “central,” Secretariat-level data.

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions

The purpose of the Global Fund is to attract, manage and disburse resources, not to implement programs directly. We have neither subsidiary agencies, nor country/regional offices and programmes funded by us are developed and implemented by in-country partnerships. This means that information on implementation arrangements (e.g. budget codes) and transaction level details (e.g. expenditures) at beneficiary level, should be provided by the recipient (implementing agency).

Record Exclusions



None. Data is published within two weeks of each disbursement. A grant with no activity (terminated, suspended, etc.) will not be published any further.

Other Constraints

The Global Fund has a performance-based funding model, which ensures that funding decisions are based on a transparent assessment of results against time-bound targets. In the Global Fund context, performance is therefore recognised as a predictor of future disbursements and acknowledged as an important variable in predictable financing. This issue particularly pertains to annual budgets, which are adjusted according to country performance and planned disbursements, which are calculated on the basis of past performance and expected results, and are adjusted on the basis of a transparent assessment of results against time-bound targets. Moreover, data found in the Data Catalog is unit-level data based on Global Fund grant information. Data at the grant level may not be aggregated to obtain higher-level data (i.e. country or regional levels). Aggregation of data will in some cases result in double counting and produce inaccurate figures. In order to obtain accurate higher-level data about Global Fund activities, please refer to figures published by the Global Fund at

Data Quality

Data will be listed as “verified”.

User Interface

No, the Global Fund does not intend to provide a user interface, as we already have a performance website ( which details much the same information as required by IATI. Furthermore, the Global Fund provides an API through which additional data elements can be downloaded or programmed against (

User Interface Website