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The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) is the national coordinator of Slovak development cooperation. It is responsible for formulating policy, coordinating the preparation of development cooperation and implementing programmes and projects, including the delivery of humantarian aid. MFEA‘s competences in development cooperation have been stipulated after Slovakia’s accession to the OECD (2000) and to the European Union (2004). The 2015 Act on Official Development Cooperation (Act No. 392/2015 Coll.) establishes the legal and institutional framework for development assistance and is a strong statement of national priority. The Act requires assistance to be delivered in conformity with international principles (particularly the rules of the DAC), EU development policy and Slovak foreign policy and economic priorities. The Act also sets out the long term goals of Slovakia‟s ODA, the planning instruments to be used, the general modalities for ODA, the ODA authorities and the necessary requirements for the establishment of the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC).

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For aid projects the assumption will be of automatic disclosure of any information that SlovakAid has committed to publish, however a small number of exclusions apply to these (e.g. security and safety Information that could put the safety or security of our staff, partners or beneficiaries at risk). Governmental agencies and departments of the Slovak Republic are guided by the principles of Act No. 211/2000 Coll. (on free access to information - Freedom of Information Act) assuring a strong presumption in favor of openness. The guidance of the Act does provide the following principled exceptions for limitations of access to information in following cases: • Protection of classified information • Protection of person and personal data • Protection of trade secret • Other limitations of access to information (e.g. information disclosed under a special law, information that may violate intellectual property rights, information, which may concern the decision-making power of the courts, including international judicial authorities or law enforcement bodies under special regulations



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