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Sida works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. Sida has the mission to gather and publish IATI data for all Swedish government agencies that use official development cooperation funds.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Organisations / agencies covered

All Swedish government agencies that use official development cooperation funds, including Swedish International Development Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment and other departments.

Timeliness of Data

The data represents the current state of information in the operational systems at the moment of publication.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Data is usually refreshed on a monthly basis but will temporarily be set to three publications a year.

Units of Aid

In case contract data is available, a contract corresponds to a level 1 activity, with the contribution linked in as level 2 children activites. In case contract data is not available, ie. for planned activities with status 1, each contribution corresponds to a single level 1 activity.

Segmentation of Published Data

By Countries and regions.

Data Definitions and References

Following IATI Standard.

Field Exclusions

activity-website, other-identifier, collaboration-type, transaction/aid-type, transaction/finance-type, transaction/tied-status, transaction/disbursement-channel, transaction/provider-org, transaction/receiver-org policy_marker/xml:lang are not included, due to their absence in the original data and/or irrelevance due to the corresponding data being detailed in other fields. For instance policy_marker/xml:lang specifies language which is consistently english, as has been specified in the containing activity. Another example is when the code value is given, the name value is not necessarily published.

Record Exclusions

Data is excluded when security or diplomatic concerns prevents publication.


None. But transactions (usually reimbursements) are not included if they occur after the activity date has expired.

Other Constraints

None. The IATI translation is being updated, and compliance may improve going forward.

Data Quality

Data is fetched from operational systems, and is thus subject to change.

User Interface

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