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Saferworld is an independent international organisation working to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We believe that to achieve long-term peace people must play an active role in preventing conflict and building peace. People must have access to fair and effective paths to address the grievances and inequalities that drive conflict, and people with influence should exercise their power to promote just and equitable societies. Together with our partners, we use expertise and tested methodologies founded on over 28 years of experience. We work with people affected by conflict to improve their safety and sense of security, and we conduct wider research and analysis. We use this evidence and learning to improve local, national and international peacebuilding policies and practices that can help build lasting peace. Our priority is people – we believe that everyone should be able to lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from insecurity and violent conflict.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered


Timeliness of Data

In arrears (in line with donor reporting timeframes)

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Data is updated regularly in line with donor reporting timeframes (quarterly, six monthly, anually)

Units of Aid


Segmentation of Published Data


Data Definitions and References

Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

All exclusions will be made in line with our exclusion disclaimer which is published on our website: While seeking to maximise our transparency, there will be circumstances in which we may choose not to disclose certain information to avoid compromising our ability to deliver projects in specific locations, or risking the safety and security of our staff, partners and beneficiaries. We will not publish information on activities which would: place the security of staff, partners or beneficiaries at risk; harm Saferworld or our partners’ operations, resulting in them being banned, restricted or suspended, or cause a negative impact on the communities we work with; break legal, copyright, child protection, data protection, partner confidentiality, commercial or contractual obligations; or harm either the financial interests or intellectual property rights of Saferworld or our partners. Similarly we will not upload documents such as project proposals, offline reports etc


Data for projects with an income of less than £100,000 per year are not published.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Both financial and narrative data is based on internal reporting processes and verified internally by programme and finance staff prior to publication.

User Interface

We provide links to our quarterly IATI data on our website

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