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Based on experiences and lessons learned we have compiled a strategy to arrive at an integral child and community directed approach - Child Centered Community Development. Every child counts because each child was created by God in His image. That is our deeply rooted conviction. We approach the child as a valuable human being, with spiritual, mental, emotional, cognitive, social, physical and economic aspects. Attention for the community in which children grow up is essential to do justice to all of these aspects. We encourage communities to participate and contribute to the content of our programs. Out of principle Red een Kind chooses to work with local partner organisations that have their roots in the area. In our view local organisation are the key to good relationships with the local community. We devote much time and attention to equipping and coaching our partners in order to bring about effective change. Our strategy is set out in a ‘Theory of Change’.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Organisations / agencies covered

Red een Kind is still in implementing phase of IATI and is now working on a pilot to publish data related to a UKAid funded program (Girls Education Challenge). Subsequently in 2015 Red een Kind has the intention to cover all projects for publishing

Timeliness of Data

For the pilot project we expect to publish data within 2 months after closing of the quarter

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Units of aid are reported at hierarchy level 2 (or ‘child’ level) and include projects or sub-projects.

Segmentation of Published Data

IATI data will initially be published per country

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions




Other Constraints


Data Quality

As published information for the DFID -Girls Education Challenge project will be part of our donor reporting we prefer to first to internal quality verification of the data quality before publishing in registry. Preferably internal verification should take place already upon first time of publishing for reporting on quarterly figures ending February 2015

User Interface

We are not planning to create an individual organisational interface, but are interested in connecting with organisations working in similar sectors or countries to discuss the possibilities of working on this in 2015. In a future stage ReK will try to enable visitors of the website to choose between various tools which can be used for accessing all IATI data of ReK

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