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Final objective of our organisation: ending AIDS and creating a world in which everybody has access to prevention, treatment, care and support for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Much has been achieved in the past years, but we still need to overcome a large number of significant barriers. To continue playing a vital role in further curbing HIV and STI epidemics, both globally and in the Netherlands, we focus on what we are good at, namely: • Funding and developing innovative approaches and programmes; • Implementing programmes to address HIV and other STIs, and to promote sexual health in the Netherlands; • Strengthening civil society organisations; • Advocating, nationally and globally; and • Mobilising communities, the general public, and the private sector. We work hard and join forces with others. We continue to ensure that the people affected are closely involved. In our work we focus special attention on vulnerable groups and the protection and improvement of their human rights. By critically monitoring and measuring the impact of our activities, we continue to enhance our approach. In this way, we come closer to reaching our final objective.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Our implementation schedule will be available soon.

Organisations / agencies covered

In 2016, we aim to achieve that approximately 60% of the total budget for project activities will be included in the published data.

Timeliness of Data

30 days after the end of a quarter the data will be published.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Our organisation publishes its projects. Our data do contain some clustered projects in the form of mother-child projects. Descriptions, results and narrative information is published at the level of the mother project. Transactions are published at the level of the child project.

Segmentation of Published Data

Our organisation publishes two files: one file that includes all projects with transactions in Euro and one file that includes all projects with transactions in US Dollar.

Data Definitions and References

Not available yet

Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

The rules for excluding data are defined in our Exclusion Policy. In general information is not published if it will harm security or privacy of individuals or partner organisations. Furthermore information will not be published if legal or contractual objections for publication exist. We are aware that safe and appropriate collection and use of data to improve HIV programs for key populations is a critical topic. Thats why we develop a smart data strategy for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven policy making and advocacy while minimizing risks and protecting human rights


Projects with a total budget below € 25.000 are internally indicated as so called "small projects" and do not have to be published. A project manager can decide to publish this activity anyway.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

The published data are not formally verified. Necessary internal checks are performed in our project management system, before publishing the data.

User Interface

A user interface will be available on our website soon.

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