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Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Organisations / agencies covered

All Official Development Assistance (ODA) activities of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This covers approx. 80% of all ODA of the Netherlands.

Timeliness of Data

Within 1 month after capturing. Activity details are published after formal approval of the activity.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Monthly. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to publish the data on the 5th working day of each month.

Units of Aid

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes at the lowest level which is the project level. No multi-tiered project structures are published.

Segmentation of Published Data

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs segments the data based on the actual start date of the activity. There is no segmentation of the data by country or region in order to avoid duplication of activity data in multiple files.

Data Definitions and References

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes 8 separate IATI files. One for organizations and seven for activities. A general description of the data can be found on the following website: All files are licensed as CC0 — “No Rights Reserved”.

Field Exclusions

No other activity identifiers are published - not captured. The activity title and description in the recipient country language - not captured. Sector (donor specific) - no donor specific sector info available. Only CRS sector classifications used. Activity Contacts - not published because of privacy regulation. Related Activity - not captured. Financial transaction (Incoming Funds) - we only publish data from our own management information system. Financial transaction (Loan repayment / interest repayment) - not captured. Results - not captured in the activities file. Results are published as references to results documents in the organization file.

Record Exclusions

All ODA activities financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs are being reported, starting with the activities which are in the implementation fase in 2011 or later. All activities completed before 2011 are excluded. Sensitive data are anonymized.


All ODA activities of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs are reported. There are no thresholds.

Other Constraints

No ODA activities of other extending agencies are reported.

Data Quality

Data are initially unverified. After one year the data will be verified. Data quality is assured as a part of the data capture and a light touch verification process.

User Interface

The data can be accessed through the following website

User Interface Website