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Donor accountant, The main purpose of this post is to ensure that Interact Worldwide is able to demonstrate accountability and transparency of donor funds, producing donor reports and reconciliations of transactions to the nominal ledger. The post holder will work closely with our International Programme, Policy and Advocacy and Fundraising teams, to ensure reports are produced accurately and in a timely manner.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

The data published covers international development projects funded by the UK government (DFID) only. During the financial year ending 30th June 2011 this constituted 28% of Interact's income from charitable activities. Data will be published for all international development projects funded by other donors by October 2013

Timeliness of Data

The data will be published a quarter after it has been captured and internally available (e.g. data to 31st March will be published by 30th June)

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Each development project will be published as a separate activity.

Segmentation of Published Data

Data is published in separate files for each development project. A project may belong to one country or be regional. This will be clearly shown in the published data.

Data Definitions and References

The data will be published in simple form and documents linked to activities will be stored on the Interact Worldwide Website and linked from the published activity files.

Field Exclusions

We believe we have used all the fields recommended in the standard.

Record Exclusions

We will exclude information on activities whose publication could endanger the security of our staff, or our partners, or the communities we work with. We will only publish information on projects that are live at the time of publication. Exclusions are as per a draft organisational 'Open Information Policy' scheduled to be approved in June 2012


there will be no threshold for our initial publication of data on DFID funded projects. Our future reporting will be limited to grants/activities over $100,000/£60,000

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Organisational historic financial information will be externally audited. Project finances will generally be internally verified by programme and/or finance staff and may have been audited. Project documents will be reviewed by Prgramme or Fundraising staff prior to publication

User Interface

We are considering creating a new area on our website for users to access project documents and data

User Interface Website