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InterAction’s NGO Aid Map aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualizations. The data on NGO Aid Map is provided voluntarily by InterAction members.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

NGO Aid Map covers the activities of InterAction members (for a complete list of InterAction members, please see: Not all InterAction members provide data to NGO Aid Map, however. NGO Aid Map is a voluntary initiative.

Timeliness of Data

Organizations are asked to update their information on NGO Aid Map three times a year, but may choose to do so more or less frequently.

Frequency of publication

Not specified

Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Data is published to IATI daily.

Units of Aid

Each organization reporting to NGO Aid Map determines its own unit of aid, though InterAction provides the following definition of a project as guidance: A project is defined as a group of activities with a start date, end date and budget that are aimed at achieving clearly specified objectives. Projects may take place in multiple locations and/or cut across multiple sectors. You should only provide information on active projects.

Segmentation of Published Data

Data is segmented by organization.

Data Definitions and References

Additional information on the data provided to NGO Aid Map is available here: and here: A cross-walk of NGO Aid Map fields to IATI fields is available here:

Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

Not all of the data provided to NGO Aid Map will be included in our IATI file. To avoid double-counting, we will not publish the information of organizations that independently publish to IATI.


Individual organizations may use thresholds in deciding what data to contribute to NGO Aid Map. InterAction's NGO Aid Map itself does not use any thresholds for publishing data to IATI, however.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Additional information on the quality of the data found on NGO Aid Map is available here:

User Interface

This data is visualized on NGO Aid Map.

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