Stichting Humana T. 030-6570009 E. Machteld Houben / Stagiair project management T. 06-30383464 E. or In case I am not available you can also contact: Simone Weert / Programma Manager T. +31 (0)30 6569650 E.




Humana is a social entrepreneur. With 28 years of experience we collect and sort each year approximately 10 million pounds of clothing and textiles. We collaborate with social workshops throughout the Netherlands. Thus we provide opportunities and employment for people for whom that is not obvious. All clothing is sold. With the proceeds supports Humana academies in Africa. We teach farmers to get more from their land and train students in practical occupations: think of electricians, plumbers and hairdressers. Humana stands for self-reliance in the Netherlands and in Africa. This means that we expect people who receive support himself stabbing hands-on approach. We carry out our mission without political goals or religious principles.

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Malawi: DAPP Malawi Angola: ADPP Angola DR Congo: HPP Congo

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Quarterly, depending on the time schedule of the project. Mostley every 3 or 4 months.

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Projects and Programmes

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No, it is published per project and not segmented per country.

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Safety of the regional organisation and the people involved.


Not yet defined.

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This may be possible in the near future.

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