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Our mission is improving access to reliable and affordable essential medicines, health products and health information for families in developing countries. We do this by setting up an innovative, fair and reliable franchise concept, where local entrepreneurs run a business with a complete basket of health commodities, have a stable income and enjoy respect within the communities they serve. By doing so we reduce social inequality, offer employment opportunities and improve the position of women in particular within their communities.

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Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

- (International) NGO's - Local implementing partners

Timeliness of Data

Data will be published within 30 days.

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Units of Aid

Projects can be divided into several outcomes with a range of underlying activities.

Segmentation of Published Data

Data will be published by country.

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Record Exclusions

Data which is highly confidential for the organization, such as specific personal data of employees.


The sub-activities below the main activities will not be published because on that level there is too much detail.

Other Constraints

In certain contracts we are not allowed to share certain information publicly.

Data Quality

Financial data is subject to annual program and organizational audits. Qualitative data will extracted from our own systems and will only be reviewed internally.

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