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Free a Girl aims to fight against the prostitution of children and forced prostitution of young people. Free a Girl focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims and providing access to justice by prosecuting traffickers and pimps. Free a Girl has projects in Asia, Brazil and the Netherlands. Free a Girl was founded in 2008 with the vision that every child and every young person has the right to grow up in a safe environment. Children and young people should be protected from violence, exploitation, abuse and discrimination.

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Free a Girl Defence for Children International/ECPAT Netherlands Partner/implementing organisations: Maiti Nepal Associação Barraca da Amizade Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association (BNWLA) Associação Maria Mãe da Vida Rescue Foundation % total development flows covered by IATI data = 25.7% This % is calculated based on Free a Girl's planned total expenditure on projects in 2015, as per the Annual Plan 2015. This percentage does not take into account Free a Girl’s costs related to overhead, fundraising, staff salaries, awareness raising campaigns, and marketing and communications.

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Within three months.

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Data is published as separate activities and not segmented according to country or region.

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Field exclusions: Activity scope; location; recipient region; collaboration type; country budget items; planned disbursements; capital spend; conditions; legacy data. Some of these fields are not particularly relevant to the project activities or are not required by Free a Girl’s main donors. The location field is excluded due to safety and security reasons that may impede on the project activity if disclosed.

Record Exclusions

Free a Girl Exclusion Policy for IATI In line with principles of transparency and accountability, Free a girl commits to publishing project data on IATI as of January 2016. More information about IATI and its objectives is available on the IATI website. Free a Girl is first focusing on publishing data on projects receiving funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Data from projects with other funding sources and donors are therefore excluded from publication at this stage. Free a Girl adheres to the principle of ‘Open, unless…’, whereby data on project activities are excluded from publication on IATI if the information falls under one of the following categories: 1. Projects that are not funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands Free a Girl publishes all projects funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other projects and programmes are not published in the beginning. This policy will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. 2. Safety and security If the information disclosed could reasonably pose a threat to the safety and security of any individuals, such as project beneficiaries, partner organisations, Free a Girl staff or donors, it is excluded. This could include but is not limited to, specific locations of project activities and addresses of local partner offices and so forth. 3. Harmful for project activities Information that would cause harm or jeopardise the implementation or success of project activities is not disclosed. Given the work of Free a Girl in the area of commercial sexual exploitation, this could include information, for example, about targets of future rescue raid operations or advocacy activities. 4. External relations Free a girl does not publish information that may negatively affect relationships with partner organisations, donors and other key stakeholders. Partner organisations and back donors related to projects that are published on IATI are informed of Free a Girl’s policies for publishing project data and can request exclusion. 5. Confidentiality and privacy Information that can be traced to an individual, constitutes an invasion of privacy, or may be confidential due to legal, commercial or contractual reasons, is not disclosed. 6. Cost-effectiveness Free a Girl does not publish data where the time or monetary costs of obtaining and publishing the data outweigh the expected social impact or public benefit. 7. History Free a Girl publishes data from projects funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that commenced after 30 June 2015. Projects prior to this date and that are not funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are excluded at this stage. Reviews and decision-making A review of this exclusion policy is conducted on a quarterly basis by the programmes manager and staff, in order to keep abreast of new requirements and changes in internal policies. Decision-making regarding publication of data and exclusions is done by the programmes manager and the director, with assistance from projects staff.



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Data input for 2015 is yet to be audited.

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IATI data is not yet available on the Free a Girl website.

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