The Belgian development agency, Enabel, mobilises its resources and its expertise to eliminate poverty in the world. Enabel contributes to the efforts of the international community and works towards a society that provides present and future generations with sufficient resources to build a sustainable and fair world. Its staff members in Brussels and overseas embody the commitment of the Belgian State and other development partners to international solidarity. They support more than 200 cooperation projects in some 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

Belgian governmental cooperation

Timeliness of Data

From June 2016 onwards, data will be published on a monthly basis.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

From June 2016 onwards, data will be published on a monthly basis.

Units of Aid


Segmentation of Published Data

At this moment all data is published in 2 files. In time, and in function of the feedback we receive from users, we could consider segment our data by country or sector.

Data Definitions and References

As a DAC-donor, Belgium uses DAC codes for most of the key-data-elements published through IATI.

Field Exclusions

For the moment we don't use the field "transactions".

Record Exclusions

No activities are excluded.



Other Constraints


Data Quality


User Interface

Open.Enabel is a web-based information platform that aims to enhance transparency in accordance with Belgium's commitments in the matter. The data on the Open.Enabel platform are sourced from the Enabel projects database, which covers all projects of the Belgian governmental cooperation as well as projects that Enabel executes for other donors. Open.Enabel provides an overview of standard data per project: country, donor, duration, budget, sector, objectives. In the next few months more information, including documents, budget breakdowns (by partner and donor) and links to partner institutions, will be added to Open.Enabel. It will also become possible to share project data through social media. Updates are published by the projects themselves so the activities and the progress made by the projects can be followed. We do everything possible to optimize the quantity and quality of the information, nevertheless a few restrictions apply. Confidential information or information that could endanger partners or individuals will not be published. The information is provided in the original format and in the working language (French, English or Spanish) of the beneficiary country

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