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CARE International operates in more than 90 countries around the world. We run poverty-fighting programmes and deliver life-saving aid in 79 developing countries. This work is supported by global policy and advocacy work, fundraising, and programme management provided by CARE offices in countries like the USA and the UK. CARE International UK was founded in 1985 and we are one of 14 full members of the global CARE International federation. As well as supporting CARE’s humanitarian and development work around the world, CARE International UK provides specific expertise in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, inclusive governance, humanitarian response (particularly shelter, and gender in emergencies), and engaging with the private sector. We also play a key role in CARE’s work engaging with and influencing policy-makers and decision-makers to tackle the structural causes of poverty and social injustice. CARE’s programmes are implemented through CARE country offices which are supported with technical assistance and programme management by CARE members (including CARE International UK). We work in partnership with local organisations to deliver many of our programmes. CARE is non-religious and non-political, allowing us to deliver humanitarian and development assistance to anyone in need regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, political view or sexual orientation. For more information please refer to:

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

CARE International UK are an International Development and Emergency Humanitarian Response Non-Government Organisation. Our activities are Institutionally funded projects which we implement in countries all over the world. We have been publishing on IATI since October 2012, in accordance with the PPA contract and funding agreement with DFID.

Organisations / agencies covered

Our IATI data covers all Institutional Funded projects managed by CARE International UK

Timeliness of Data

Quarterly reporting and publishing, 1 month in arrears.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Each activity will be defined as those having a contract with DFID and all other institutional donors and can be considered as individual projects, programmes or distinct funding which will typically either be a commercial contract for services or an accountable grant letter (or similar).

Segmentation of Published Data

We are going to report our IATI data multiple automatically segmented files depending on the country in which the project being implemented in.

Data Definitions and References

IATI data is published in separate files according to country.

Field Exclusions

The current upload includes data on the majority of the required IATI Standard fields. CARE International UK are continually working on improvements to the accuracy and quality of our data and this reflected in regular improvements each quarter. We will continue to refine our data within current system and incorporate into any future systems.

Record Exclusions

All exclusions will be made in line with our exclusion policy which is published on our website. This covers: safety / security issues; commercial interests; issues that are sensitive in nature; data protection / privacy issues. Please see the IATI page on our website for details:


Transactions (Disbursements and Expenditure) will be included for those projects listed at the disclosure date. Disbursements are defined as transfers to Country Offices and Expenditure is defined as direct costs incurred by CIUK related to projects.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

All project data will be quality checked at the time of upload which is then completed by the Management & Financial Support Officer. The basic project information is also checked at approval stage at the time the contract is being signed. CARE International UK continue to review and improve current systems for data and reporting and this will be reflected in regular monitoring and quarterly updates to the existing data if required.

User Interface

We do not intend to provide this at this stage, but may do this in future. However, links to our IATI data will be provided on our website.

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