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IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

In the first instance we will publish AusAID data. This covers 87% of estimated ODA in 2010-11. Expenditure by 26 other Australian Government Departments (150 Agencies) accounts for the remainder.

Timeliness of Data

Under investigation

Frequency of publication

Not specified

Frequency of publication (extra comments)

We will update the information in September and March each year, for the periods ending June and December respectively.

Units of Aid

AusAID’s system is tiered as: Program=> Program Fund=> Initiative=> Activity. We intend to publish details at initiative and activity level.

Segmentation of Published Data

In 2009-10, 281 Initiatives (392 Activities) had “Region Unspecified” as the country and 335 Initiatives (479 Activities) had “Global Unspecified” as the country

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

Document and data exemptions will be those under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, reformed in 2010, and includes information: • affecting national security, defence or international relations • affecting enforcement of law and protection of public safety • disclosing trade secrets or commercially valuable information This also includes exemptions conditional on being in the public interest, for example unreasonable disclosure of personal information


To be determined

Other Constraints


Data Quality

IATI data will always be provisional. Verified, statistical data will be provided to the DAC.

User Interface

The current proposal is that a “Website Dashboard” or similar would be the public interface to the same data as that provided to IATI.

User Interface Website