Multilateral Development Bank

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Organisations / agencies covered

IATI data will cover 100% of ADB/ADF and NTF development flows. It will also include dedicated facilities and non-sovereign projects. It will not cover Trust Funds flows.

Timeliness of Data

See Frequency below

Frequency of publication

Not specified

Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Semi-annual publication is anticipated. We aim to publish the data quarterly in the future.

Units of Aid

An activity is defined by a "project" or "operation". Currency : XDR For reporting purposes we will use the ISO 4217 Currency Codes. UA is the official currency for the AfDB projects. 1 UA=1 SDR (International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights).

Segmentation of Published Data

Separate files by country

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

The African Development Bank (AfDB)’s new Disclosure and Access to Information (DAI) Policy, which has entered into effect on February 3, 2013, will guide reporting according to IATI standards. This policy assumes that all information will be disclosed unless it falls under the list of exceptions. Please refer to the AfDB's Disclosure Access to information for further details:


ADB sovereign operations and ADF & NTF development flows data will be made available at project level. There are no thresholds under consideration.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

The quality of data depends on initial quality in source systems and databases. A significant effort is planned to enhance the quality of project data in the coming year. The IATI process will also include quality checks once automated.

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