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ActionAid is a global federation committed to finding sustainable solutions to end poverty and injustice. With more than 40 national members and country programmes worldwide, ActionAid focuses the majority of its resources on working with millions of the poorest and most excluded women, men and children – taking sides with them, making longterm commitments to advance their human rights and to transform the world in which their children grow up.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

IATI data will initially cover contracts with the UK Department for Internatonal Development (DFID)

Timeliness of Data

Less than one month after the data is available internally.

Frequency of publication

Not specified

Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

An activity is defined as a contract.

Segmentation of Published Data

Per country

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions

We will not use the following fields in the standard, in most cases because they are not applicable to the organisation: 'Other activity identifiers', 'Activity title (Recipient language)', 'Activity Description (Recipient language)', 'Participating Organisation (Extending)', 'Participating Organisation (Accountable)', 'Policy Markers', Collaboration Type', 'Default Finance Type', 'Default Tied Aid Satus', 'Planned Disbursements', 'Recipient Country Budget Identifier', 'Financial Transaction (Reimbursement)', 'Financial transaction (Loan repayment/interest repayment)', 'Conditions attached', 'Text of conditions'.

Record Exclusions

Exclusions are based on the following criteria: * Commerically sensitive information * Security and safety * Personal information


Thresholds will not be applied to the data we publish in the initial period of publication. They will be applied in the future.

Other Constraints

The organisation's federal structure and therefore the autonomy of members pose a potential challenge to achieving full compliance.

Data Quality

Due to the timing of publication, the data published is accurate to the best of our knowledge but will not always have been audited.

User Interface

This is something that is being considered for the future.

User Interface Website